Greece Statement

Greece, Hellas, The country that brought us Aristotle, Platon, Socrates and the modern Olympic Games. The combination of the strength and spirit of philosophy and amateur sport according to these philosophers allows one to have hope and desire to pursue their dreams and to achieve their goals while flourishing within the body, mind and soul. These powerful concepts brings forth one of the most powerful phrases that fosters such hope and determination, that is Η ελπίδα πεθαίνει πάντα τελευταία! (Hope always dies last)!

The story of the Greece’s National Ice Hockey Team can be traced back to 1989,when the first Greek Hockey League dropped the puck to commence its inaugural season at the Peace and Friendship stadium (Στάδιο Ειρήνης και Φιλίας) in Piraeus. Shortly thereafter the first Greek National Ice Hockey Team took to the ice in internationally sanctioned IIHF Tournaments. Greece had a consistent presence in the tournaments till 2013 and a very successful one at that winning a Silver medal in 2010 and a Bronze Medal in 1992.

Unfortunately with the economic crisis from 2010 onwards, funding from the public and private sectors ceased for the sport and from 2013 till today the National Team remains dormant. Yet through the spirit of hope and determination Ice Hockey in Greece continues and has a strong presence in the country and at the International level. League games have continued on a regular basis, there have been local hockey schools and development camps in the country (with the few smaller size rinks that operate in Greece) as well as participation by Greece in IIHF sanctioned development camps. Yet the National Team cannot participate in IIHF sanctioned tournaments due to the lack of a regulation sized ice rink in the country.

The absence of such infrastructure hinders further the development of the sport. Yet through the spirit of hope and desire, the new governing body of ice hockey in Greece, the Hellenic Winter Sports Federation or Ελληνική Ομοσπονδία Χειμερινών Αθλημάτων (ΕΟΧΑ), with its new Board members and hockey staff are determined to fully restart Ice Hockey in the country. The board consists of members who have many years of experience in playing the game as well as the business acumen at the administrative level. The many years of experience the board brings will allow for a rejuvenated start of the National Ice Hockey program that will foster the restart and the future development of ice hockey in Greece and the rebirth of the National Men’s Team as well as the creation of a National Women’s Team to participate in the IIHF sanctioned tournaments.

We are pleased, for the very first time to introduce and launch a merchandise program for official and authentic National Team products. For the first time ever hockey fans, memorabilia collectors and fashion enthusiasts will be able to purchase official and authentic jerseys, hoodies, pucks, pennants and caps sporting the newly created and dynamic logo and colors of Team Greece. And most importantly you will know that the proceeds from the sales of our products will go back to the development of ice hockey in Greece. The proceeds will assist in funding the regulation size ice rink, to attract new players both men and women to the sport, as well as younger athletes to learn about ice hockey and to develop their skills in the sport. Additionally, by purchasing our authentic and official product s you will be greatly supporting and assisting the Men’s and Women’s National Teams to prepare for the opening faceoff and puck drop in International competition.

Πάμε Ελλάδα, Lets go Greece! A note for our Greek fans here.


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